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ASAHI Boiler Water Control Compound

The Asahi Boiler Water Control Compound is a boiler water control chemical completed through development of special high polymer based on many years of researches and blending technology by abundant experience.
As well as conventional phosphoric acid series, prepared the non-phosphoric acid series and multi purpose boiler water control compound.

Features of Asahi Boiler Water Control Compound

1. Most suitable for various boilers

Analyzing for various boiler water and blend the chemicals for most suitable for supply water and operating condition.

2. Prevention of scale adhesion

Disperse the scale components such as residual hardness by effect of a special high polymer, discharge to out of boiler by blow down.

3. Removal of existing scale

The growth of crystal such as calcium is discontinued by effect of a special high polymer and existing scale is gradually removed and discharge to out of boiler by blow down.

4. Prevention of corrosion

Forming a special film and protect the boiler tube.

5. Dispersion of sludge

Sludge such as scale or iron oxide brought in to the boiler by drain collection are dispersed to out of boiler by blow down do not adhesion to the heat transfer surfaces.

6. Most suitable for energy saving

The heat loss by scale adhesion disappeared, and high concentration operation was enabled by dispersion power of a special high polymer.

ASAHI Deoxidizing Agent

Dissolved oxygen is the worst enemy of boiler system. ASAHI Deoxidizing Agent removes quickly dissolved oxygen in boiler water and prevents corrosion of boiler system.
By a purpose of use and place, we prepare hydrazine type, sodium sulfite type and saccharide type.
Because included accelerant to each ingredient, react with dissolved oxygen in the supply water immediately and remove the dissolved oxygen.

ASAHI Sludge Dispersant

Sludge Dispersant is the product which composed of a special high polymer and effective for sludge such as iron oxide which occurred in the boiler and silica by hardness leak such as scale of calcium or magnesium and prevent that impurities extract to the heating surface and so as not adhere beforehand. And also the existing scale is removed at the same time, flaking off and keeps clean in the boiler.
Please use as assistance of the ASAHI Boiler Water Control Compound when the condition in the boiler is not good.

ASAHI Corrosion Inhibitor

M-alkalinity(HCO3-) in the softened water breaks apart by high temperature and high pressure in the boiler, and carbon dioxide gas(CO2) is generated and shift with steam and decrease PH and promote corrosion.
CO2 supplied to the steam line by the boiler dissolves again while steam is coagulating and the PH becomes less than PH 5.0 by dissolving CO2 20ppm, CO2 is put together with Fe and forms bicarbonic acid Fe(HCO3)2 and affected by O2 and become the first hydroxide iron and the steel surface is more corroded.
The ASAHI Corrosive Inhibitor which protects a steam line from corrosion is classified roughly into amine type and film type.

Amine type

When entering in the boiler, it is carried to all places in the system at once with steam, and harmful carbon dioxide(CO2) is neutralized and the steam line is prevented from corrosion.

Film type

It is composed of a film amine and it is carried to all places in the system with steam, and a strong film is formed, and a metallic side of piping etc. is protected.

Multi Purpose Boiler Water Control Compound

A Multi Purpose Boiler Water Control Compound has functions such as Boiler water control compound, Deoxidizing Agent and Dispersant with one article, and there is no complexity by a lot of chemical injection, and handling is simple because it is only a single commodity and liquid.
For use of the industrial and food, it is possible to use according to the purpose and the usage by abundant kinds like the phosphoric acid type and non-phosphoric acid type, etc.

ASAHI Boiler Compound

Boiler compound for the use of filled up with water, good for PH controlling and corrosion inhibiting.


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