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Non Slime

The Non Slime series are water treatment chemical for protect from the harmful microorganism of cooling water which arise the troubles in recent now.


  • 1. Excellent effectiveness for widely bacteria, filamentous fungus, yeast and slime.
  • 2. Protective from Legionella.
  • 3. Not anxious for metal corrosion as non-oxidation.
  • 4. Not regulation of standard of discharge water because not include heavy metals.
  • 5. Remove the slime troubles and protective from down of heat effective.
  • 6. Setting available with corrosion inhibitor and prevent scale.

Perlin Water Purifying Compound

Prevent from scale adhesion and corrosion of cooling water of closing type and opening type and hot water.

Character of MPCP

  • 1. Forming up corrosion protective with high polymer, completed protective from corrosion.
  • 2. Minute particalsized an ingredient of calcium and protect from scale with special high polymer.
  • 3. Existing scale are stopped the grow of crystal of calcium and exfoliated step by step.
  • 4. Disappeared heat dissipation and ion rust of internal of piping by corrosion.

Character of HPUP

  • 1. Using Food Additive Grade, safety rust inhibitor for sanitary.
  • 2. Prevent from proceed the metal corrosion by forming up of rust inhibitor phosphate and block up the metal ion.
  • 3. Disappeared iron rust of internal piping by corrosion and prevent from rusted water.

Character of MHCH

  • 1. All-around water purifying compound : existing "MP,CP series" combined with bactericide and algicide.
  • 2. Easy handling for one liquid type.

Character of HC12

  • 1. Sterilant based on Sodium hypochlorite.



  • 1. Easy handling in due to crystallize and hardness and dissolve in the water step by step.
  • 2. Protective from sulfurous acid gas by the air pollution.
  • 3. Stop the rust in the pipings and remove the scale.
  • 4. Block the metal ion such as iron in the water.
  • 5. Clean up the rusted water at 2-3 days after use.
  • 6. The water with had been used Asa-Clean is tasteless, odorless and harmless.
  • 7. Use the Food Additive Grade and use for drinking water.
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