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Other Chemicals

Name of chemical Specifications Usage
Polymer flocculant Anion type, Cation type, Nonion type Flocculant for water treatment.
Aqua Silver Silver ion water Does not contain impurities.
Effective for Coliform bacillus and Legionella by effect of silver ion water. Sanitization, deodorization and anti-mold can use.
KT-500 Carmauba wax
Emulsification goods
Polishes such as flooring.
AC-030 Special nonionic surface active agent
Liquid for make-up drop.
Deodorant Persimmon extract Deodorizes effectively and promptly to various bad smells, such as food, cosmetics and miscellaneous goods.
Antifoamer Silicon type,Alcohol type Even if it is a little, the bubble is quickly erased.
Oil adsorption mat High polymer type absorbent A lot of oil is adsorbed only by coming in contact with oil.
Multi purpose detergent Colloid metallic ion blockage agent
Surface-active agent
Super-revitalization detergent which suits severe environmental standards of the United States.

Topic commodity for other cosmetic

Fruit extract, Chitosan, Silk protein, Evasion agent, etc


Sodium hypochlorite, PAC, Polyferric sulphate, Aluminium sulfate, Antiseptic, etc

*Additionally, the chemical corresponding to various purposes is adjusted, and mixed.

Other Equipments

Boiler Once Through Type, Fire Tube Type, Water Tube Type, Hot Water Boiler
Metering Pump Diaphragm Type, Plunger Type
Pump Centrifugal Pump, Self Priming Pump, Line Pump, Pressure Pump, Booster Pump, Submersible Pump, Magnet Pump, Vacuum Pump, Circulating Pump, Handy Pump
Continuous Blow Down Equipment Heat Exchanger Type, Flash Type
Measuring Apparatus Flow Meter, PH Meter, Electric Conductivity Meter, COD Meter, Total Phosphorus/Total Nitrogen Meter, Pressure Meter, etc
Analysis Apparatus Residual Chlorine Analyzer, Portable Analyzer, Testing Paper, etc
Others Blower, Agitator, Return Drain Water Device, Various Valves,Cooling Tower, etc.
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