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Water Treatment Facilities

Designing and constructing the various water treatment plants by the water quality and purpose of use.


  • 1. Can choose the Full automatic type, Semi-automatic type, Manual type by use place and purpose.
  • 2. Designed to be able to simplify filter media replacement and maintenance.
  • 3.Designed according to the use liquid, chemicals and the temperature such as the steel made, stainless made, FRP made and the inside rubber linings and excellent in durability.
  • 4. Possible to set up even in the small place because the height, manhole position of the body can be changed according to the installation location.
  • 5. Designs to remove impurities as efficiently as possible.
  • 6. The combination of each equipment can be made free.
  • 7. The maintenance services are perfect including water analysis.
Equipment Use
Rapid Filter Removal of turbidity in the raw water.
Deferrization & Demanganization Filter Removal of turbidity in the raw water.
Removal of Fe and Mn in the raw water.
Activated Carbon Filter Removal of organic matters in the raw water.
Removal of residual chlorine in the raw water.
Circulation filter Removal of turbidities of circulation water of bath and cooling water.
Softener Removal of hardness
(Calcium and Magnesium).
Demineralizer Supply the pure water
Mixed Bed Type etc.
RO equipment
(Reverse Osmosis)
Use for reduction of dissolved solid.
UF equipment
(Ultra Filtration)
Use for separation and concentration of the further solution.
Sand Separator Separation and removal of sand from well and river water.
Hair chatcher Removal of human hair and waste thread under circulation water.
Cartridge Filter Removal of the impurities of cartridge type.
Tank Steel made or SUS made or FRP made.

Equipment results

Mixed bed type demineralizer RO equipment
Well water treatment equipment Mini type automatic softener

Design & Construction

Water Treatment Equipment, Filter Media Replacement, Rinsing, Boiler Installation, Inspection receiving construction of boiler, Transfer Removal Construction, Well Drilling, Others

Analysis & Measuring

Analysis, Measuring

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