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Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Pollution of a river by discharge of waste water is a big problem for an environmental problem.
Design under consider the property of waste water, the discharge water quality and operation time.


  • 1. Prepare the plants according to the property of waste water and flow amount.
  • 2. Make an effort to hold down running cost as much as possible.
  • 3.Designed according to the size and installation location.
  • 4. Remove impurities efficiently.
  • 5. The maintenance services are perfect including water analysis.
Equipment Application Method
Coagulating Sedimentation Method This method is a device which does the separation treatment by flocculant (PAC, Al2(SO4)3, PAAS) into the waste water including the suspended substance, and subsiding as a big floc.
Pressure Flotation Method This method for making it adhere to air bubbles with pressurizing air, making it rise to surface from the bottom of the treatment equipment, and performing solid separation.
Activated Sludge Method The water tank is made from concrete and the organic pollution substance in the waste water is removed from the aerobic microorganisms by the aeration.
Rotating plate Method The purification microorganism is naturally generated in the filling material and filter media, the waste water is contacted to these, and the organic pollution substance is removed.
The blower is unnecessary in this method.
Carrier Treatment Method Microorganisms lived into the carrier made in porous and waste water is purified.
Compared with the usual activated sludge method, there is 2-3 times as treatment capacity. Therefore, the space saving is possible.
Filtration Method Removal of SS, the color, bad smell, and organic matter are adsorbed with filter of pressure type and gravity type.
Ion Exchange Method A small amount of ammonia and the heavy metal, etc. are removed by using the ion exchange resin.
Reverse Osmosis Method It is the method of separating inorganic and an organic ingredient using R/O equipment.
Formalin Treatment Equipment Formalin is removed at the same time as removing BOD and COD which are included in waste water by the activated sludge method.
PH Neutralization Equipment It neutralizes with a PH meter and dosing pump while agitating acid, alkaline waste water.
halophile treatment Biological treatment as for waste water of extreme halophile.
Others Design and supply for all of equipments such as Screen, Dehydrator , Oily water separator, Decomposition dehydration dryness equipment, Oil adsorption Mat, and Filter concerning waste water treatment.
  • *The difficult waste water available to treatment by microorganisms such as halophilic microorganisms, microorganisms for oils and fats resolution, hexavalent chromium and PCB microorganisms. Accordingly the generation sludge is decreased.
    So please contact us.

Equipment results

Carrier treatment & Rotating biological contactor Activated Sludge Method
halophile treatment equipment halophile treatment equipment

Design & Construction

Water Treatment Equipment, Filter Media Replacement, Rinsing, Boiler Installation, Inspection receiving construction of boiler, Transfer Removal Construction, Well Drilling, Others

Analysis & Measuring

Analysis, Measuring

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